Wherever humans exist, they have impacts on the environment. This is a reality of life. We use resources and create waste. The Marine Futures Laboratory is concerned with not only what these impacts are but also what we can do about them to ensure the future of marine ecosystems. 


Combined human impacts

Most people have an opinion on the impacts of climate change, but few have thought about the reality. We are particularly interested in how changing environmental conditions, especially ocean warming and acidification, will combine with local pollution to damage marine ecosystems. What is the future of our coral reefs and how can we improve the outlook?


Ecological restoration

Did you know that Hong Kong historically had extensive oyster reefs and the coral communities were much healthier? My team is working with organisations such as The Nature Conservancy to see if we can bring them back!

The future of aquaculture

How are we going to feed 9 billion people? The ocean will play a major role, but how can we make aquaculture sustainable in the face of climate change?


Prospective students

We are a dynamic lab with a passion for the getting wet, particularly in tropical seas. If you are interested by anything on the website and want to join the crew, visit the opportunities page or come and chat to me!



Contact Dr Bayden Russell for any inquires:

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