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Cheryl Chu

Ph.D. Candidate



Sea cucumbers are well researched organisms in the field of fisheries due to their value in the south-east Asian markets. However, not many studies address this animal in their natural habitat. It is suggested that these organisms could protect the coral reefs under global warming by increasing the pH level of sea water through their natural digestive processes, thus counteracting the impact of ocean acidification. On the other hand, sea cucumbers could potentially purify sea water in fish farms by feeding on detritus, hence alleviating nutrient loading in fishery systems. These findings reveal the importance of sea cucumbers in both marine and fishery ecosystems.


Although coral reefs are not found in Hong Kong, individual coral colonies are present in the territory. Therefore, my research looks into the impacts of sea cucumbers on marine nutrient dynamics. By understanding the role of sea cucumbers in the marine ecosystem, better conservation plans can be drafted. Moreover, my research also aims to investigate the potential of sea cucumbers as an aquaculture species under the development of sustainable fisheries in Hong Kong.




2018: Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), Geography and Research Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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