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Jay J. Minuti

Postdoctoral Fellow


As ocean temperatures are rising, we are seeing an increase in extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, which pose severe threats to species biodiversity by rapidly changing ecosystem functionality. My research interests are the effect of extreme weather events and how rapid changes in weather can affect biodiversity, particularly in habitats which provide a variety of ecosystem services. I am interested in how important habitats and their key species will be affected by extreme weather, such as oyster reefs, and how we can use this type of information to inform conservation and restoration initiatives.
Oyster reefs can provide the main structural and ecological component of coastal waters, through services such as shoreline protection from extreme weather & storm surge, denitrification, water filtration and providing habitat for a range of other species. My current project focusses on mapping the remnant oyster reefs in Hong Kong and determining the associated species and genetic diversity within these mosaics. This project will help to provide a baseline of how best to manage these habitats and to support efforts for their restoration.

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