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Rinaldi Gotama

Research Assistant



Human beings depend so much on the healthy functioning of all ecosystem, especially in the world's oceans. The natural services that the ocean provides to our local and global economies include food and health products, coastal protection, recreation and many more. Maintaining these services depends on the abundance and variety of species (biodiversity) and the complex interactions that make ecosystem resilient to unprecedented stressors (ecosystem function). My role in the Marine Futures Lab is to assist its MarineGEO-Hong Kong (Marine Global Earth Observatory) project, especially in executing ecosystem function assays. By understanding Hong Kong's coastal biodiversity and ecosystem function, we hope that we can provide data and baselines that can be useful as a benchmark for management decisions and for anticipating the impacts of future development and climate change.


Find out more about MarineGEO here:



2017: BSc in Biological Sciences (first class honours), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



2016 & 2017: HKUST Dean's List

2015: Hong Kong SAR Government Scholarship Fund - Reaching Out Award 

Rhyn Cheung: TeamMember
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