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Kevin Geoghegan

Ph.D. candidate


Predator-Prey Interactions in a Warming and Acidifying Ocean

I am interested in how ocean warming and acidification will influence animal physiology, behaviour and their interactions, and ultimately ecosystem function.  I am using the predatory rocky shore crab Eriphia ferox and the mussel Septifer virgatus as a model system. I will test their physiological responses, (metabolic rate and performance) under a variety of thermal and pH scenarios. Modification of behaviour is often an animals first response to environmental stress, resulting in altered species interactions and ecosystem processes so I am will also test in how the foraging strategies and energy budget of E. ferox will change as pH decreases and temperatures rise. Placing this knowledge in the context of other local stressors and processes at regional and global scales will enhance understanding of predator-prey interactions and may help inform adaptive management strategies to improve ecosystem resilience in a rapidly changing climate.



2014:  Bachelor of Science (Hons.) - from National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland


2013: College of Science Internship - from National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland.


2012: Scholars Award -  from National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland.

Rhyn Cheung: TeamMember
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