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In review

Lau SCY, Thomas M, Williams JM, Thurstan R, Hancock B, Russell BD* (in review) Millennial-scale societal shifts drive the widespread loss of a marine ecosystem.

Preprint: bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/2024.05.19.594609.


Cheung-Wong RWY, Harvey BP, Yang SY, Agostini S, Cheung K, Dytnerski JK, Hall-Spencer JM, Wada S, Russell BD* (in review) Reduced carbon sequestration in future algal forests? Increased microbial diversity and algal decomposition under ocean acidification.

Hemraj AD, Russell BD (in review) Zooplankton invasion: is biotic homogenisation happening under the radar?

Dytnerski JK, Marshall KE, Baker DM, Russell BD* (in review) The benefits of herbivory outweigh the costs of bioerosion in a eutrophic coral community.

Pre-print available: bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/2021.06.08.447634


Guénard B, Lainé C, Cannicci S, Russell BD, Williams GA (in review) Funding biodiversity conservation research: who gets the lion’s share?

Corra CA, Minuti JJ, Helmuth BS, Russell BD* (in review) Opposing physiological performances of two coexisting gastropods to changing ocean climate.​

Recent book chapters

Hemraj DA, Minuti JJ, Harvey BP, Russell BD* (2024) Marine Heatwaves: impact on physiology, populations and communities of coastal marine invertebrates. In: Baird D & Elliorr M (eds), Treatise on Estuarine and Coastal Science, 2nd Edition. Vol. 4, pp. 518-531. Elseiver, Oxford.

Recent scientific papers

Hemraj AD, Russell BD* (2024) Consistency in marine heatwave experiments for ecological relevance and application: key problems and solutions. Limnology & Oceanography: Letters, doi: 10.1002/lol2.10418.


Hemraj AD, Bishop MJ, Carstensen J, Krouse-Jensen D, Stæhr PAU, Russell BD (2024) Nature protection before restoration. Science, 383, 158.


McIlroy SE, Guibert IA, Archana A, Chung HWI, Duffy JE, Gotama R, Hui JHL, Knowlton N, Leray M, Meyer C, Panagiotou G, Paulay G, Russell BD, Thompson PD, Baker DM (2024) Life goes on: spatial heterogeneity promotes biodiversity in an urbanized coastal marine ecosystem. Global Change Biology, 30, e17248. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.17248


Williams JM, Lau SCY, Thomas M, Tsao CS, Russell BD* (2024) A long history: social-ecological systems as drivers of oyster reef loss in the Pearl River Delta and the broader Asian region. Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review, 63


Gotama R, Baker DM, McIlroy SE, Guibert I, Russell BD* (2024) How a coastal megacity affects marine biodiversity and ecosystem function: impacts of reduced water quality and other anthropogenic stressors. Ecological Indicators, 160, 111683.


Zhong KL, Gao X, Russell BD, Hu ZM, Chen W, Kim JH, Yotsukura N, Hiraoka M, Endo H, Oka N, Yoshikawa S, Gaitan-Espitia JD (2024) Environmental gradients influence geographic differentiation and low genetic diversity of morphologically similar Ulva species in the Northwest Pacific. Botanica Marina,


Hemraj DA, Falkenberg LJ, Cheung K, Man L, Russell BD* (2023) Acidification and hypoxia drive physiological trade-offs in oysters and partial loss of nutrient cycling capacity in oyster holobiont. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 11, 1083315.


Hemraj AD, Bishop MJ, Hancock B, Minuti JJ, Thurstan RH, zu Ermgassen PSE, Russell BD* (2022) Oyster reef restoration fails to recoup global historic ecosystem losses despite substantial biodiversity gain. Science Advances8, eabp8747 (open access).

Pre-print available: bioRxiv, doi: 10.1101/2022.01.23.477429.

Cheung-Wong RWY, Kotta J, Hemraj DA, Russell BD* (2022) Persistence in a tropical transition zone? Sargassum forests alternate seasonal growth forms to maintain productivity in warming waters at the expense of annual biomass production. Science of the Total Environment, 851, 158154.

Pre-print available at SSRN

Minuti JJ, Byrne M, Campbell H, Hemraj AD, Russell BD* (2022) Live-fast-die-young: carry-over effects of heatwave exposed adult urchins on the development of the next generation. Global Change Biology. DOI:10.1111/gcb.16339


Harvey BP, Marshall KE, Harley CDG, Russell BD* (2022) Predicting responses to marine heatwaves using functional traits. Trends in Ecology and Evolution37, 20-29


Cheung-Wong RWY, Dytnerski JK, Gotama R, Hemraj AD, Russell BD* (2022) Seasonal patterns of macroalgal and sessile invertebrate communities in a monsoonal marine ecosystem. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 275, 107962.

Chan SSW, Wong S, Thomas M, Hancock B, Russell BD* (2022) Abandoned benthic oyster farms provide habitat for more diverse macrobenthic communities. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9, 862548.


Xie Y, Huang EYY, Nong W, Law STS, Yu Y, Cheung K, Li Y, Wong CF, Yip HY, Joyce P, Chan KM, Chu KH, Russell BD*, Falkenberg LJ*, Hui JHL* (2022) Population genomics, transcriptional response to heat shock, and gut microbiota of Hong Kong oyster Magallana hongkongensis. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 10, 237.

Falkenberg LJ, King EH, Russell BD, Chen RF (2021) Maximizing the impact of science outreach training. Limnology & Oceanography Bulletin, 30, 85-91.


Hemraj DA, Gaitan-Espitia JD, Russell BD* (2021) Species’ distribution and evolutionary history influence the responses of marine copepods to climate change: a global meta-analysis. Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review, 59, 559-584. Open Access, download here (scroll down the ToC) 

​Data available:

Minuti JJ, Byrne M, Hemraj DA, Russell BD* (2021) Capacity of a key urchin to recover from extreme events: physiological impacts of heatwaves and the road to recovery. Science of the Total Environment. 785, 142781.  Data available:

Minuti JJ, Corra CA, Helmuth BS, Russell BD* (2021) Increased thermal sensitivity of a tropical marine gastropod under combined CO2 and temperature stress. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 643377. 

Data available

Leung JYS, Russell BD, Coleman MA, Kelaher BP, Connell SD (2021) Long-term thermal acclimation drives adaptive physiological adjustments to reduce sensitivity to climate change. Science of the Total Environment, 771, 145208.

Tanner JE, McSkimming C, Russell BD, Connell SD (2021) Rapid restoration of belowground structure and function of a seagrass habitat. Restoration Ecology, 29, e13289.


Leung JYS, Harvey BP, Russell BD (2021) Fitness of marine calcifiers in the future acidifying ocean. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8, 752635.


Falkenberg LJ, Bellerby RGJ, Connell SD, Fleming LE, Maycock B, Russell BD, Sullivan FJ, Dupont S (2020) Ocean acidification and human health. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17, 4563. 

Russell BD* (2020) The ecology of temperate reefs in a changing world. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 656, 91-94. 

Hemraj DA, Posnett NC, Minuti JJ, Firth L, Russell BD* (2020) Survived but not safe: marine heatwave hinders metabolism in two gastropod survivors. Marine Environmental Research167105117

Data available

Lau SCY, Thomas M, Hancock B, Russell BD* (2020) Restoration potential of an Asian oyster on heavily developed coastlines: current reef status, recruitment and water filtration rates. Restoration Ecology,  28, 1643-1653. 

Author archived full-text

Minuti JJ, Russell BD* (2020) Functionally redundant herbivores? Urchin and gastropod grazers respond differently to ocean warming and acidification. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 656, 239-251. 

Data availability 10.25442/hku.14481864

Caswell B, Klein ES, Alleway HK, Ball J, Botero J, Cardinale M, Eero M, Engelhard GH, Fortibuoni T, Giraldo AJ, Hentati-Sundberg J, Jones P, Kittinger JN, Krause G, Lajus DL, Lajus J, Lau SCY, Lescrauwaet AK, MacKenzie B, McKenzie M, Ojaveer H, Pandolfi JM, Raicevich S, Russell BD, Sundelöf A, Thorpe RB, zu Ermgassen PSE, Thurstan RH (2020) Something old, something new: historical perspectives provide lessons for blue growth agendas. Fish and Fisheries, 21, 774-796.

Leung JYS,Russell BD, Connell SD, (2020) Linking energy budget to physiological adaptation: How a calcifying gastropod adjusts or succumbs to ocean acidification and warming. Science of the Total Environment, 715, 136939.

Leung JYS,Russell BD, Connell SD, (2019) Adaptive responses of marine gastropods to heatwaves. One Earth, 1, 374–381.

Macreadie, P. I., A. Anton, J. A. Raven, N. Beaumont, R. M. Connolly, D. A. Friess, J. J. Kelleway, H. Kennedy, T. Kuwae, P. S. Lavery, C. E. Lovelock, D. A. Smale, E. T. Apostolaki, T. B. Atwood, J. Baldock, T. S. Bianchi, G. L. Chmura, B. D. Eyre, J. W. Fourqurean, J. M. Hall-Spencer, M. Huxham, I. E. Hendriks, D. Krause-Jensen, D. Laffoley, T. Luisetti, N. Marbà, P. Masque, K. J. McGlathery, J. P. Megonigal, D. Murdiyarso, B. D. Russell, R. Santos, O. Serrano, B. R. Silliman, K. Watanabe, C. M. Duarte (2019) The future of Blue Carbon science. Nature Communications, 10, 3998.

Bellino A, Mangano MC, Baldantoni D, Russell BD, Mannino AM, Vizzini S, Mazzola A, Sarà G (2019) Seasonal patterns of biodiversity in Mediterranean coastal lagoons. Diversity and Distributions, 25, 1512-1526. 

Martínez B, Radford B, Thomsen MS, Connell SD, Carreño F, Bradshaw CJA, Fordham DA, Russell BD, Gurgel CFD, Wernberg T (2018) Distribution models predict large contractions in habitat-forming seaweeds in response to ocean warming, Diversity and Distributions, 24, 1350-1366.

Wang J, Russell BD, Ding MW, Dong Y (2018) Ocean acidification increases the sensitivity and variability of physiological responses of an intertidal limpet to thermal stress. Biogeosciences, 15, 2803–2817.

Connell SD, Doubleday ZA, Foster NR, Hamlyn SB, Harley CDG, Helmuth B, Kelaher BP, Nagelkerken I, Rodgers KL, Sarà G, Russell BD (2018) The duality of ocean acidification as a resource and a stressor. Ecology, 99, 1005-1010.


Leung JYS, Nagelkerken I, Russell BD, Ferreira C, Connell SD (2018) Boosted nutritional quality of food by CO2 enrichment fails to offset energy demand of herbivores under ocean warming, causing energy depletion and mortality. Science of the Total Environment, 639, 360-366.

Leung JYS, Connell SD, Russell BD (2017) Heatwaves diminish the survival of a subtidal gastropod through reduction in energy budget and depletion of energy reserves. Scientific Reports, 7, 17688

Leung JYS, Connell SD, Nagelkerken I, Russell BD* (2017) Impacts of near-future ocean acidification and warming on the shell mechanical and geochemical properties of gastropods from intertidal to subtidal zones. Environmental Science & Technology, 51, 12097-12103.


Davis KL, Coleman MA, Connell SD, Russell BD, Gillanders BM, Kelaher BP (2017) Ecological performance of construction materials subject to ocean climate change. Marine Environmental Research, 131, 177-182.


Connell SD, Fernandes M, Burnell OW, Doubleday ZA, Griffin K, Irving AD, Leung JYS, Owen S, Russell BD, Falkenberg LJ (2017) Testing for thresholds of ecosystem collapse in seagrass meadows. Conservation Biology, 31, 1196-1201.


Harley CDG, Connell SD, Doubleday ZA, Kelaher BP, Russell BD, Sarà G, Helmuth B (2017) Conceptualizing ecosystem tipping points within a physiological framework. Ecology & Evolution, 7, 6035-6045.


Leung JYS, Russell BD, Connell SD (2017) Mineralogical plasticity acts as a compensatory mechanism to the impacts of ocean acidification. Environmental Science & Technology, 51, 2652-2659.


Connell SD, Doubleday ZA, Hamlyn S, Foster NR, Harley CDG, Helmuth B, Kelaher BP, Nagelkerken I, Sarà G, Russell BD (2017) How ocean acidification can benefit consumers. Current Biology, 27, R95-R96.


Sunday JM, Fabricius KE, Kroeker KJ, Anderson KM, Brown NE, Barry JP, Connell SD, Dupont S, Gaylord B, Hall-Spencer JM, Klinger T, Milazzo M, Munday PL, Russell BD, Sanford E, Thiyagarajan V, Vaughan MLH, Widdicombe S, Harley CDG (2017) Ocean acidification can mediate biodiversity shifts by changing biogenic habitat. Nature Climate Change, 7, 81-85.


Provost EJ, Kelaher BP, Dworjanyn SA, Russell BD, Connell SD, Ghedini G, Gillanders BM, Figueira W, Coleman MA (2017) Climate-driven disparities among ecological interactions threaten kelp forest persistence. Global Change Biology, 23, 353-361.

Knights AM, Firth LB, Russell BD (2017) Ecological responses to environmental change in marine systems. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 492, 3-6

Education Papers

Lo SCT, Bridges SM, Yip VWY, Leung JSC, Wong GKW, Chian MM, Not C, Williams GA, Chan KKH, Russell BD, Goodwin AL (2024) Presence, absence, and spatial relations: an interactional ethnography of physical-virtual field-based learning through a sociomaterial lens. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, 47, 100834.


Chick PYY, Leung JSC, Bridges SM, Williams GA, Russell BD, Not C (2024) Learning in and from the field: a qualitative study of affective engagement. Environmental Education Research, 30, 900-925.

In Review
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