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Alison Freeman

PhD Candidate



 My research with Marine Futures Laboratory seeks to advance our understanding of the stress factors impacting native seaweed populations in Hong Kong, and how science and technology-based strategies could protect and restore these key habitats. As part of this work, I will test and refine methods for cultivating native Sargassum species and conduct in-situ and ex-situ restoration experiments. I will also be developing a new citizen science program, which could help scientists monitor the presence and health of local seaweed populations. This research will aid local marine managers on how to futureproof local macroalgae populations and follows on from the ‘green gravel’ kelp restoration work I started in the UK, with The Kelp Conservation Initiative. My passion for seaweed conservation evolved while working in fisheries management in the UK.

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I currently hold the following Board Positions: 

Director, The Kelp Conservation Initiative

Director, Plymouth Fishing and Seafood Association


 Subjects of Interest

• Kelp Restoration 



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