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Nutcha Buasakaew

Research Assistant


I have always been interested in marine ecology, especially in coastal areas where there are sharp, rapid changes in physical conditions. It is so good to see the gradient between marine and terrestrial, don't you think? I am interested in the rock pool habitat, which is usually utilize as a refuge for many intertidal species. but not for some barnacles (click here to see my paper!). In addition to that, I am also interested in how organisms respond to fluctuations in the physical environment. My previous project (Lantau hotspot project, working as a research assistant) focused on the effect of salinity on the thermal tolerance of common rocky shore animals (snail, limpet, mussel, and oyster) on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.  


I am currently a research assistant at the Marine Futures Laboratory on the Euphausiid project, which investigates the physiological response of Euphausiid (Euphausia pacifica) (also known as “krill”) to the Marine heatwaves. 

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                          Subjects of Interest

• Intertidal ecology • Marine ecology • Supply-side ecology • Marine ecophysiology

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