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Zhong Kaile

PhD Candidate



Macroalgae are a major key primary producer in the ocean. They are widely distributed across the globe with varying degrees in distribution across species, that are associated with difference genetic and phenotypic plasticity. I’m interested in the mechanisms that explain such patterns and phenomenon, by testing eco-eco-evolutionary hypotheses linked to historical (e.g., Last Glacial Maximum) and contemporary (e.g, Shipping activity and ocean currents flow) conditions.  

To unravel the mechanisms, I utilized advance molecular techniques such as gene-based marker and genomic SNPs to evaluate the genetic diversity and differentiation among the sampled macroalgae across a gradient of seascape. Because macroalgae also subjected to major effect from climatic change events, I am also interested in exploring the effects of different environmental factors, in particular temperature, on macroalgae and understand their response mechanism from different physiological and molecular perspectives.  



                          Subjects of Interest

• Macroalgae • Phylogeography • Ecology & Evolution, • Climate change • Plasticity  


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