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Bovern S. Arromrak

Postdoctoral Fellow


Our ocean is full of mystery. Despite our decadal effort, we have barely scraped the surface to unravel their nature. However, there is one thing that we are sure of, and that is – it is a highly variable environment. This variability influences and shapes traits of various organisms from unicellular microbes such as bacteria to multi-cellular organisms such as the whale. Some organisms are uniquely positioned to adapt and survive in an environment that is fast-changing while others are not. Some of them can extend even their partnership with other organisms, regardless of their size to better cope with the changing environment. For instance, the bob-tailed squid and their bioluminescent bacteria,  I studied marine biology to seek an answer to this kind of interesting phenomenon and… to unravel many more mysteries. 


Currently, I am working on a project that assesses the potential benefits of the probiotic bacteria Ruegeria sp. on their host thermal tolerance to marine heatwaves. I’m excited to share our findings from this work in the future


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                          Subjects of Interest

• Microbial ecology & evolution • Host-microbiome interactions • Ecosystem science • Climate change

• Extreme events

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