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Shariar Islam

PhD Candidate



My area of interest is marine ecology, specifically the interactions between macro algae and their environment. My PhD research project focuses on the restoration and function of coastal marine algae, particularly Sargassum, in blue carbon stocks in Hong Kong.  

Sargassum is a type of brown macro algae that forms floating mats and provides essential habitats for marine organisms. It also absorbs CO2 and convert it into biomass, helping to mitigate climate change. But, in recent times, there has been a significant impact on the growth of this algal species due to strong anthropogenic activity, climate change, and abiotic factors like sea water temperature, salinity, and day length.

Consequently, there has been an unparalleled decline in Sargassum blooms in the South China Sea. Thus, the purpose of this research is to restore Sargassum to form a forest under the sea and investigate the role of carbon stocks. 

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                          Subjects of Interest

• Marine Ecology • Seaweeds • Plankton • Biodiversity 

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