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Samantha Klein

PhD Candidate



I am interested in studying how the restoration of nearshore marine ecosystems can best improve ecological function and support the livelihoods of people who depend on these resources. My work focuses on designing and assessing aquatic restoration projects across different factors such as biodiversity, water quality, nutrient cycling and environmental contaminant removal. I also aim to address community needs in restoration projects by co-designing ecological restoration with community members and incorporating citizen science.


My project within the Marine Futures Lab focuses on assessing the denitrification and other nutrient cycling capabilities of intertidal and subtidal oyster habitats in Hong Kong. This data is vital to inform how oyster habitats can be protected and enhanced in this region to reduce the harmful impacts of nitrogen pollution in the marine environment.


                          Subjects of Interest

• Ecological restoration • Oyster reefs • Denitrification, • Community-based restoration  

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