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Ph.D. candidate


Fucoid forests consist of Sargassum spp. emerge primarily during winter in Hong Kong. Abiotic factors such as day length and water temperature affected by seasonality are major forces that drive the natural patterns. As human activities continue to pressure our Earth climate system, changes in physical factors such as temperature and CO2 concentration increase may alter the survivorship of these algal species. I would like to understand the physiological responses of individuals, local and regional populations induced by the combined effects of climate change in my PhD research, which may help us predict their geographical distribution along in the China Seas and effects on other marine organisms that depend on these underwater habitats.



2013: B.Sc. Marine Biology, Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences. UCLA, USA



2017: HKU Foundation Fellowship, HKU

2013: Departmental Honor (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), UCLA


Media publications

A taste of sustainability. The Daily Bruin.

Rhyn Cheung: TeamMember
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